This blog is (or at least will be, that's the plan) a collection of opinions about specific pieces of music.  Most of it takes the form "this is a thing that I think rules and here's some reasons why."  That the name of the blog is so confidently combative isn't accidental -- though I've loved that title and wanted to name something after it since I bought the clever-title-filled album from which it comes back in the last millennium, back when you would buy albums.  There's a deep congruence between championing music that rules and talking trash on music that sucks, and, when listening to musical beauty in all its various forms, I can't help thinking the musicians are saying "no, man, it doesn't have to be like that. . . check out this."  And so, as a listener, I invite you to check out these, with or without my commentary.

I'll try to split the difference between personal classics and random/obscure tracks.  This is written neither for the hardcore music dude nor the novice to non-popular music.  Or, rather, it's written for both, and for anyone else who enjoys a good mixtape.

Feedback is encouraged, whether you know me or not.  

October 2010