This blog is just meant to be a mix-tape of other people's music, but I guess there's no reason not to have links to music that I've been part of, in case anyone's curious.

Here's the latest Little Ocean cdr, Pictures at an Ocean Mission. It's the 2007-style duo, me and Jake Anodide. I'm pretty sure if you click play here it'll play through the whole eight-track album.

Here's a video of Jake and playing at the release show for that album.

Here's a video of Little Ocean trio version (me, Jake, Eliot Klein):

Little Ocean - 'Close by the River' from Kornman on Vimeo.

There's a myspace page with a lot of recordings of us, duo and trio, mostly a few years old:

Here are some Little Ocean duo recordings from fall 2010:
Little Ocean, at Pageant Gallery by littleocean

Little Ocean, at Pageant Gallery 2 by littleocean

The soundcloud page has some other recordings, including from Dead cover band that Jake and Eliot and I put together last spring:

More recently, Jake and I put together a Gang of Four cover band:

The drummer of that band, Julius Masri, and had a duo thing going for a minute, of which there are some recordings here:

There's an old good Little Ocean duo video here:

Here's some older recordings of various versions of Big Ocean, with such figures as David Fishkin, Natalia Smirnov, Jen Rice, Mike Dooling, and Richie Morseberger:

Here's recordings from the summer of '07 in Tokyo, some solo and some with other people: 

And, going way back, here's a recording (with dumb "video" by me) of me and Mike Dooling's first band, Guy Forget: