Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tiala - コトバのナカ


This raw burst of energy is the first track of two on a CD-R that I got when I lived in Japan in 2004. The band is called Tiala, and I saw them at one of a string of shows that I went to with an Australian guy named Jordan who somehow knew and loved the band Neil Perry, which band I hadn't imagined anyone knew outside of New Jersey. Judging from the shows that Jordan took me to, '90s American screamo was blowing up in Japan in the mid-aughts, but I remember thinking Tiala was the best of what I heard. In fact I remember thinking they were better live than most of the equivalent stuff I heard in New Brunswick basements during my time there ('98-'03). Maybe it was just hearing it in such a different context.

Either way, I remember this band destroying a packed room of well-mannered Japanese. This track suggests why. Also I'm pretty sure the freak out part in the last few seconds of the song was the sort of thing they did a lot more of live. This isn't a particularly groundbreaking piece of work, but I'm psyched every time I re-find this disc in a pile and put it on again. Since there's approximately zero chance that anyone in the United States of America would ever hear it, I figure it's worth sharing.

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