Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jimmy Cousins & the Crime Spree - "Coo Coo Brain"

Coo Coo Brain

Jimmy Cousins writes southern rock songs that you swear you heard before, and has the voice to justify such an act.  The last time he lived in Philly I had the good fortune to play bass in his band, along with Jake Anodide on drums and Eliot Klein on keys.  This track is from a CD-R that Colin Langenus from USA is a Monster put together, and which I'm happy to share since I haven't the slightest idea how you'd get a copy if you wanted it.  The disc is half Colin's Brooklyn funk band (with members of Talibam and Gwar!) backing Jimmy, half us (credited as "The Crime Spree"), and a few other tracks to boot.  Several tunes are recorded with both bands.  Whatever.  You'll never hear it unless you really like this song and you come over to my house and ask me to put it on.

The song is a winner from start to finish.  A pleasure of finally getting the CD-R (thanks Eliot and Richie for heading south on tour!) was hearing Jimmy's psyched out vocal doubling, but the song stands even without the manipulation.

I believe Jimmy's in Shreveport now.  Maybe he'll be back at some point.  In the meantime, come over and I'll play you the rest of the songs. 

p.s. This doesn't count as "self-promotion" (see other page of this site) because this was me being subservient to the song.  Jen Rice also played in Jimmy's Philly band, and it could just as well have been her on this track as me.

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